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Sending an unsecured e-mail is like sending a postcard open for everyone to read. Organizations routinely send files containing proprietary information and sensitive data via the open Internet where they can be intercepted or even stolen. Don’t let compromised data be the reason you lose competitive advantage and, possibly, your customers. Be smart. Keep your e-mail under wraps.

VME Mail™ 2007
E-Mail Security

VME Mail™ is an easy-to-use data security plug-in integrates with your corporate e-mail clients. Using that symmetric encryption or integrating into your existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), VME Mail will protect and verify the intended recipient -- the only one who can open your e-mail. Using PKI, the recipient can open an e-mail without any extra steps. Recipients without VME Mail will be able to accept your e-mail using a free reader. When deploying VME Mail network-wide, administrators can manage the entire process to provide customized settings for individual users and groups. With a click of a mouse, your e-mail is signed, encrypted, protected, and secure.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to use Outlook toolbar icon.
  • Ability to sign messages with personal certificate.
  • Send protected mail inside or outside firewall.
  • Recognize certificate holding users.
  • Wrap attachments and e-mail body.
  • Use's a 1-million bit key for encryption.
  • Protects the e-mail traffic and your e-mail archive.
  • Recognizes mail servers’ Global Address Library (GAL).
  • E-mail will remain encrypted for its life cycle or until deleted.
  • Mail is open and decrypted for read or sent purposes only.
Application is PKI enabled.
Supports any X.509 certificate.
Use of symmetric keys supported.
One-million bit key for e-mail encryption.
Retrieve certificates from internal and external LDAP.
Creates local certificate database.
These products incorporate and use the embedded and validated VME Crypto Engine FIPS 140-2 Certificate #505.  All cryptographic functionality is performed by the Certified FIPS 140-2 Module.

For updated use of the VME Crypto Engine with other operating systems, and updated Service Packs,  see Security Policy Statement at the NIST CMVP Site for the Meganet Certificate #505.


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  System Requirements
IE 5.01 with high encryption pack.
P-I and higher processor.
3MB Disk Space.

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