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In today’s paperless society, more and more communication is transmitted electronically – negotiations are conducted and critical decisions are made. However, what happens when you need to sign on the dotted line? With the use of digital signature technology, business operations move swiftly and easily. Legal documents can be executed within minutes as opposed to the days that are involved when express couriers and mail services are used. Providing a secure rapid authentic signature saves time and, in many instances, money for your organization.

VME Sign™ 2007
Digital Signature Application

Authenticity is paramount in today’s electronic environment. VME Sign is a unique digital signature application that preserves authenticity. Regardless of the type of file – a Word document, image, spreadsheet or source code – VME Sign provides certification, signature and verification of electronic files at the click of a button. Once installed, VME Sign will add your digital signature with personalized handwritten signature to files, making them genuine and beyond repudiation.

VME Sign™ makes signing documents simple for the sender and verifying easy for the receiver. This secure tool enables multiple signatures, multiple digital certificates and, a time stamp to assure the time the signature was applied. When coupled with VME Office™ 2004, any type of file can be encrypted and protected and then signed and authenticated, providing privacy in delivery and verification upon acceptance.

Digital signatures were originally introduced to secure the origin and integrity of certain data. Subsequently, new laws have been passed making a digital signature as valid as a signature on paper, VME Sign™ is a tool that makes signing files simple. VME Sign™ electronically creates confident receipts of mail, origin and secure time of origin using x509 Certificates.

Product Benefits
  • With just a click of a mouse, you can protect the integrity of your files and documents.
  • Coupled with VME Office provides a complete solution for Paperless Office.
  • Free reader for the recipient.
  • Your prospective clients or contacts can accurately verify the origin and the integrity of the received files.
Digitally sign any type file.
Supports any X.509 certificates.
Easy deployment
Right-click functionality to sign, remove or verify signature.
Interoperates with all other VMEware™.
Double click a file to verify.
Free reader for recipients who do not have VME Sign.
Handwritten Signature Internally creates handwritten signature.
Store and use multiple signatures on same computer.
Apply multiple signatures to the same file.

These products incorporate and use the embedded and validated VME Crypto Engine FIPS 140-2 Certificate #505.  All cryptographic functionality is performed by the Certified FIPS 140-2 Module.

For updated use of the VME Crypto Engine with other operating systems, and updated Service Packs,  see Security Policy Statement at the NIST CMVP Site for the Meganet Certificate #505.


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  System Requirements
Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
16MB Disk Space.
IE™ 5.01 with high encryption pack.
X.509 Certificate required.



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