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Getting rid of old computers? Need to shred electronic files?!

Your old computer files can say a lot about you, your financials, your habits surfing the internet, different files you created for personal needs, or business needs. Before you delete any file, know that professional labs can recover data from hard drives which where erased up to 7 times!!!
Even damaged hard disks with hammer storks found data to be accessible.
Can you risk having anyone search your files? Maybe not today, but trends examined on your computer can be a testimony for your character in court of law years later... Don't risk it - Shred it! Use Meganet's powerful VME Shredder.

VME Shredder™
Electronic Data Shredder

VME Shredder combines the powerful and innovative features of Virtual Matrix Encryption (VME) to protect and secure your company’s data. VME Shredder is a simple tool to provide assurance in absolute security in shredding electronic data. VME Shredder was built with minimum US Department of Defense requirement for shredding. It will erase your data 7 times to assure no one can recover this data again. Use a simple right click on any type file or choose a whole folder to securely delete it forever! 

Product Benefits:
VME Shredder provides solutions for the following issues:
  • Absolute secure solution for shredding
  • Department of Defense standard
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to use and user friendly Interface
  • Unlimited scalability as a client product
  • Automatic deployment of application across the enterprise
Shredder - Shred any electronic data seven times (per Department Of Defense requirements) or much more.
Standalone - Complete standalone application for the sole purpose of shredding electronic data securely and with assurance.
Interoperable - Works hand in hand with other VME products. VME Office includes the VME Shredder.
File and Folder - Shred any type file or folder with a simple right-click for quick visualized text encryption, or drag the file /folder to the shredder icon for secure absolute shredding.

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  System Requirements
PI or higher Processor
Windows™ 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
15MB Disk Space



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