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Virtual Matrix Encryption (VME) is a data security method and apparatus that provides an exceptional degree of security at low computational cost. The data security arrangement differs from known data security measures in several fundamental aspects. Most notably, the content of the message is not sent with the encrypted data. Rather, the encrypted data consists of pointers to locations within a virtual matrix, a large (arbitrarily large), continuously-changing array of values.

The encryption technique is therefore referred to as Virtual Matrix Encryption. Furthermore, the data security arrangement uses a very large key of one million bits or more which creates a level of security much higher than any other existing method.

The key is not transferred but instead is created from a file of any size that is available on both a computer used to send a secure message and a computer used to receive a secure message. The term Virtual Key Cryptographic refers to techniques in which a key is recreated at a remote location from an electronic file without any transmission of the key itself.

The file may be a system file, a file downloaded from the Internet, etc. A smaller, transaction-specific key, e.g., a 2,048 bit key, is sent end-to-end and is used in conjunction with the very large key to avoid a security hazard in instances where the same file is used repeatedly to create the very large key.

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