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Encryption applications provide a secure & unbreakable environment. However, industrial espionage includes spying techniques to bypass conventional encryption methods. Techniques such as key loggers, capture screens, Trojan applications, can all bypass the impossible process of brute force attacks by an eavesdropper simply looking over an employee's shoulder or remotely installing key loggers.
Getting Config files from Meganet is time consuming and cost per file. Also, an organization might feel uncomfortable that Meganet has issued the Config File and knows it content (though Meganet has no way of knowing which keys were chosen).
Worry not - VME Config Editor is available!

VME Config Editor™
Enterprise Tool For Reducing Internal Data Theft

VME Config Editor allow organizations to generate unlimited amounts of Config Files for one flat rate, and keep the files confidential from anyone, including Meganet. VME Editor allows to create unlimited VME Config Files. VME Config Files adds a twist to any VME based product we offer. It allows the administrator to add a proprietary twist to the algorithm that will make the algorithm perform up to 100 additional encryption rounds in addition to the standard 16 cycles. It also uses 16 different keys in 16 different sub-algorithms, offering a total of 800 bits added power & complexity, therefore creating a one-of-a-kind encryption algorithm thereby rendering key loggers & physical spying inefficient.
Even if a spy either logged the key strokes or looked over your shoulder, once he tries to decrypt with his version of the software, and even though all the keys are correct, it will not open. Most of data theft reported, amounts to internal bridges. To minimize the security bridges within your organization, create multiple VME Config Files and use for different departments and configurations.

Product Benefits:
VME Config Editor provides solutions for the following issues:

  • Allowing organizations to go over the key loggers issue & industrial espionage while managing the creation process internally.
  • Freedom to manage the VME Config Files creation process.
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to use and user friendly Interface
  • Unlimited scalability as a client product
  • Automatic deployment of application across the enterprise
Config Editor - Creates unlimited Config Files to provide seamless security within and outside of your organization.
Config File - 800 bits Config file is trillions of times stronger than the AES federal standard, and it is in addition to the 1 million bits VME and 256 bits AES.
PKI - VME Office 2004 offers symmetric or public / private  key encryption using x.509 certificates.
CTRL CC - Encrypt from within any OLE application using CTRL CC to safeguard your data.
Right Click - Right click to encrypt, encrypt and send, or shared.
Profile Manager - Securely store user's keys for your entire organization.
Encrypted Chat - Securely chat with other users.
Encrypted FTP - Transparently encrypt and decrypt while transferring files using ftp.
VME Encryption - One-million bit key, four 2048 bit keys, four 512 bit keys, and a unique 248 bit transaction key. Including date limit feature to set a date range and, even with the correct keys, decryption will be impossible when it expires. Targeted delivery to ensure that only the recipient with the correct serial number can decrypt.
File and Folder - Encrypt any type file or folder with a simple right-click for quick visualized text encryption.
V-Pad™ - Selectively encrypt data from any OLE supported application including encryption of e-mail.
Optional Key Recovery - Optional recovery with delegated authorities
International Support - VME Office 2004 available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

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  System Requirements
PI or higher Processor
Windows™ 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
15MB Disk Space




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