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Encrypting files at the keyboard is fast and easy. However, there are organizations that needs the ability to encrypt a large amount of files unattended, without human intervention. These institutes includes financial establishments such as Credit Card companies, Banks, and many more.  This concern have yield VME Batch.

VME Batch™
Application for Financial Batching.

VME Batch allows to create batch files of unlimited length that can allow the server to encrypt hundreds, thousands and even millions of files unattended and help automate & streamline the industrial encryption process. VME Batch allows encryption of a large amount of files without human intervention, each file with its own passwords and keys. This product gives you a secure integrated solution with the ability to encrypt any file, guarding your network against disaster that can strike at any time.

All transactions get unique transaction IDs. Failed transactions do not stop processing of other transactions. Failed transactions are logged and reported.

Product Benefits:
VME Office provides solutions for the following issues:
  • Easy, simple text file editing.
  • Each file can use a different set of keys.
  • All transactions are logged and date and time stamped.
  • Seamless Integration
  • Central enterprise user and administration
  • Easy to use and user friendly Interface
  • Optional key recovery by two administrators
  • Unlimited scalability as a client product
  • Automatic deployment of application across the enterprise
Batch Capability - Untenanted encryption for millions of files with logging and error free transactions.
PKI - Offers symmetric or public / private  key encryption using x.509 certificates.
CTRL CC - Encrypt from within any OLE application using CTRL CC to safeguard your data.
Right Click - Right click to encrypt, encrypt and send, or shared.
Profile Manager - Securely store user's keys for your entire organization.
Encrypted Chat - Securely chat with other users.
Encrypted FTP - Transparently encrypt and decrypt while transferring files using ftp.
VME Encryption - One-million bit key, four 2048 bit keys, four 512 bit keys, and a unique 248 bit transaction key. Including date limit feature to set a date range and, even with the correct keys, decryption will be impossible when it expires. Targeted delivery to ensure that only the recipient with the correct serial number can decrypt.
File and Folder - Encrypt any type file or folder with a simple right-click for quick visualized text encryption.
V-Pad™ - Selectively encrypt data from any OLE supported application including encryption of e-mail.
Optional Key Recovery - Optional recovery with delegated authorities
International Support - available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

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  System Requirements
PI or higher Processor
Windows™ 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
15MB Disk Space


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