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Meganet Corporation is a client-focused information security company committed to the continual development of technologies and innovative security solutions, protecting data, communications and physical assets. Meganet is also committed to excellence in the development and advancement of significant information technology solutions that will meet or exceed government, private and public sector standards and requirements.

Protecting Data

Meganet's premier VME Office suite offers a comprehensive data security solution. Our integrative approach unifies and simplifies an agency's enterprise architecture and reduces total cost of ownership through one solution that provides encryption at all levels of “data at rest” and “data in transport”, including documents, files and folders; Instant Messages; e-mail, and file transfers. The VME Office integrates with PKI and comes complete with an electronic file shredder built to DoD standards. Our VME BioDrives secure portable data stored on USB flash drives in an encrypted format accessible via biometric authentication.

Protecting Communications

Meganet's secure communications, for government use, provides encryption of traditional land lines, and cellular and satellite communications. What improves the return on investment is Meganet's interoperability characteristics where our communications gateway systems provide the ability for encrypted communications to occur between different modalities (land line to cellular, cellular to cellular, and cellular to satellite) reducing the need to integrate multiple vendor solutions to create a secure communications infrastructure.

Protecting Physical Assets

Today's global tensions require federal agencies to effectively manage risks and protect critical assets. Gathering intelligence in a readily usable format to enable dynamic decision making is provided through Meganet's signal interceptor products. Signals (CDMA/TDMA/GSM) are detected, transmissions decrypted in real-time, and conversations recorded for analysis and evidentiary purposes. Our full line of signal jammers provides the ability to block unwanted signals from secure areas – providing protection against radio controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and assurance against eavesdropping.

The VME Crypto Engine working in a windows enviroment are certified to FIPS 140-2 giving you the data security you need. FIPS 140-2 CERTIFICATE # 505 Click to Verify

For Federal Government & State Buyers, place your orders on GSA Advantage! Meganet 's GSA Contract Number is GS-35F-0115P. Click to Verify

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Meganet Corporation is a registered NSA ARC Vendor. Click to Verify

CCR Contractor Number: 012187956 Cage /Ncage Code: 1WMF3 Click to Verify

Virtual Matrix Encryption is USA patent # 6,219,421. Click to Verify

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