2,500 Watt Bomb Jammer  GSM A5.1 Cell Phone Interceptor Biometric Flash Storage Devices 
World's Most Powerful RF & Bomb Jammer. 2,500 Watt, 6,000 Concurrent Frequencies Constantly Jammed, 15,000 Watt Power Plant. Also, view our full line of RF & Bomb Jammers.
GSM A5.1 Real Time Cell Phone Interceptor. Undetectable. Up to 4 Base Stations. Up to Quad Band. Up to 20 Phones. Intercept and Modify Voice, Text. Directional Finder. Random & Target Modes.
Biometric Flash Storage Devices. From 1GB to 2TB. FIPS 140-2 Certified. On GSA Schedule. Used by the USA Federal Government. Audit Trail of Users. 10 Fingerprints. Optional Key Recovery.
Encryption, Digital Signature, Shredder
  Encrypted Cell Phones
 Spy Phones
VME SPy Phone

World's most powerful Encryption. Data Encryption, Digital Signatures. PKI, X-509, Encrypted Chat, Encrypted FTP, Encrypted Cut-N-Paste, Key Management, FIPS 140-2 Certified. On GSA Schedule. Used by the USA Federal Government. Incorporates both 256 Bit AES & 1 Mega Bit VME in 1 certified module !                           

Encrypted Cell Phones, Encrypted Radios, Encrypted Land Lines, Encrypted Satellite Phones, Encvrypted Fax. Encrypted Text, Encrypted Conference Calls. Windows Mobile Platfrom. Windows & Linux Desktop Versions also available.Works on 2G, 3G & 4G..
Spy & Rat Phones allows law enforcement agencies to operate in 2 distinct modes. Operator mode for Agents in the field allow them to record conversations with Drug & Terror suspects. Victim Mode allows eaves dropping on conversations, and GPS triangulation to locate the owner.

VME Cell Now Supports Voice, Text & Conference Encryption !

VME Cell - the Encrypted Cell Phone Application now support Voice Encryption on 2G, 3G & 4G. New Support for Text Encryption. The latest addition is Encrypted Conference Calls. Works on Windows Mobile Phones, Windows Computers & Linux Computers.

VME Terminator H1 now features 3 power sources !

The world's most powerful bomb jammer now have 3 sources of power: a Built-in 7,500 Watt Generator, a Built-in 7,500 Watt Alternator and a Built-in 500AH Batteries. The vehicle can operate on any single source at full power ! it can be utilized as a failsafe 3 level system, or combined failover, or joined operation. Use the generator when noise level is not an issue. use the alternator when only engine noise is acceptable. use the batteries when complete silence is needed.

GSM A5.1 Real Time Interceptor now features directional finder !

VME Dominator GSM A5.1 Realtime Cell Phone Interceptor now allows interception and manipulation of text messages. It also allows selective blocking of voice channels up or down. The newest addition is a directional finder that allows the law enforcement authorities to find a target phone in a random monitoring mode.

VME Spy Phone now features remote monitoring and triangulation !

VME Spy Phone XD now offers 2 new features. The 1st feature is location triangulation by sending a quiet sms to the phone and receiving GPS coordinates using base station triagulation. The 2nd feature is an "always on" mode in which the phone sends a quiet sms every time the user initiate or receive calls, initiate or receive sms, and offers remote listeing to the conversation at will.

VME Office 2008 is now multi-lingual !

The VME Office 2008 suite of encryption and digital signature applications now works in more than 10 new languages ! The application can now support many languages and work in the native language in many regions in the world, including menus and content.

VME Biodrive now supports Audit Trail !

The VME Biodrive Biometric Flash Storage Device now audit every transaction in an encrypted file, allowing the administrator to verify proper use of the drive and the confidential information stored on it. Optional key recovery mechanism is also availabe


VME - Virtual Matrix Encryption - 1 Mega Bit Unbreakable Encryption

Virtual Matrix Encryption is a symmetric encryption algoritm with 1 Mega Bit Key. it is uncomparable to AES with only 256 Bit or any other symmetric cypher in existance. Further, it huge key size assures that this technology is future proof - it is unfeasible to do a brute force attack on a Mega Bit Key. No breakthrough in technology will change that. embedded in a FIPS 140-2 Certified Module, it is used by millions of government users worldwide, including the USA governmet. Over 100 products we sell incorporate this breakthrough technology which is also on our GSA Schedule.

VME Terminator - 2,500 Watt Output, 6,000 Concurrent Frequencies

The VME Terminator is like no other Bomb Jammer in the world. Unlike "digital" jammers who "barrage" the spectrum one frequency at a time and therefore allowing raw signals to penetrate, our "analog" bomb jammer continuesly jams all 6,000 frequencies concurrently and continuesly. This amazing feat is thanks to a 15,000 Watt power plant including 7,500 Watt custom generator, 7,500 Watt custom alternator, 500Ah batteries and a strategecly placed antennas to prevent harmonics and distortion. It is the world's most powerful with 100% success rate.

VME Dominator - GSM A5.1 Real Time Cell Phone Interceptor

The VME Terminator is a real time GSM A5.1 cell phone interceptor. It can not be detected. It aloows to itercept voice and text. It lso allows voice manipulation, up or down channel blocking, text intercept and modification, calling and sending text on behalf of the user, and also allows directional finding of a user during random monitoring of calls. The VME Dominator is far superior to passive systems in being able to intervene and manipulate calls and sms, working with up to 4 base stations concurrently, and up to 20 users in the system at any one time.

VME Cell, VME Phone & VME Radio Encrypted Communication

The VME Cell allows encrypted communications between cell phones. It includes voice encryption, text encryption, and encrypted conference calls. In addition, it offers a Windows PC version and a Linux PC version for the Office. The calls placed can't be intercepted or listened to. It works over 2G, 3G & 4G connections. The VME Radio offers encrypted radios for military use that are digitally encrypted and can't be intercepted or decodes.

VME BioDrive Offers Biometric Flash Storage Devices from 1GB to 2TB

The VME BioDrive is a flash storage device offering biometric data encryption to prevent the loss of sensitive data in case the drive is lost. The drive offers auditing per transaction, easy user interface and many other unique features. There is also an optional key recovery mechanism. The VME Drive is another version without biometric that offers password data protection. Both products utilize our FIPS 140-2 certified crypto engine, and are on a GSA Schedule. Those drives are used by governments and corporations worldwide and offer the ultimate security.

VME Spy & Rat Phones, Spy Laptops, Fixtures and many other items.

The VME Spy & Rat Phones offers a unique combination of eavesdropping remotely and GPS coordinates via triangulation. It allows an operator to carry the spy phone to allow the agency to dial in quietly and record the conversation. Further, should the agent get in trouble they can send a silent sms to get the GPS coordinates to rescue the agent. In a victim mode, the unaware user is under constant surveillance sending quiet sms messages of any calls they make, and exposing their location. The law enforcement agency can listen in at will. Also integrated into laptops, fixtures and other items.